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Target Training

This article contains a general outline of the value and uses of targeting and how to start this training. Continue reading | 1 Comment

To The Perch & Back Again

This article contains a discussion of issues relating to training the game of “flying back and forth to a perch.” Continue reading | 4 Comments

Indoor Recall Training

This article contains a general outline for starting with a baby bird and training it for cued recall responses. Continue reading | 1 Comment

Stimulus Control

Written By Chris Biro, Copyright 2008

Often people have problems with training one behavior because they have not yet finished training the previous behaviors they think they have already “trained”. Recall is just such a behavior that often gets only partially trained. Whether a behavior is fully trained or not is a question of how well you have established stimulus control. Stimulus control has several levels and each level is trained through its own step.

Step 1) Getting the animal to do the desired behavior at all. This is usually trained by any method necessary to get the bird… Continue reading | 2 Comments