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The goal of the Liberty Wings website is to provide helpful resources to people interested in flight training birds. We provide the tools needed to approach free flight training in the safest and most rewarding manner possible, for indoor or outdoor flying. To read more about our mission goals go to our about page.

The focus of this site is on parrots but much of what is here will apply to other species as well.

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Have The Instructor All To Yourself!

Offering Personalized Flight Training classes via Skype with 24 year veteran bird trainer Chris Biro. These are Power Point based classes with Chris personally teaching you about flight training issues tailored to your situation.

Flight Training Class Testimonials

Read what bird owners are saying about Chris Biro’s Avian Training & Free-Flight Instruction!

Flight Training Class Testimonials

Read what bird owners are saying about Chris Biro’s Avian Training & Free-Flight Instruction!

The Articles

The articles are discussions by Chris Biro on subjects relating to training parrots for flight. Chris mainly focuses on flight outdoors though on occasion does mention aspects that relate to indoor flight only. Chris is currently adding or editing the material on a regular basis. The articles presented here are written by Chris Biro, who retains full copyright protection for the content therein.  

From A Recent Conversation About Flying Parrots

No place we keep parrots is 100% safe. Actually it seems that accidents in the aviary were more dangerous than flying freely. But it was mainly the things we were not expecting that caused us the most problems flying outdoors or in the aviary. The things we did expect...

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November Flight Class

2 Day Flight Training Class November 9th - 11th Moab Utah The Fly Week in Moab, Utah is an experience for those with a love of flighted parrots. Learn about training and experience trained parrots flying freely in the fabulous wilds of Moab. Set in the incredible...

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Resources and More

The Pirate's Parrot Show

An educationally based pirate-themed parrot show performing at state and county fairs since 1991. The Pirate’s Parrot Show is a Fun, Educational, and Interactive experience for all ages and cultures.

Bird Recovery International

One in every eight bird species in the world today is in danger of extinction and these numbers are increasing! Find out how this non-profit organization started by Chris Biro can help save and protect parrots and other birds. 

Podcasts with Chris Biro

An Alternate Perspective – Enjoy these audio Podcasts of Chris with guests discussing the nature of training flighted birds. The discussions are intended to be loosely structured around a general topic. 

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