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Recent Flight Training Class Testimonials

Read what others have to say about Chris Biro’s Free-Flight Skype Based course!
These are taken from Course Evaluation Forms.

Comments about the Instructors knowledge:

“Chris is very smart and knowledgeable. It is obvious that not only he has studied a lot, but he has also philosophized and can confidently argue points and theories that have been around for years. Chris, you need to get on with that book!”

The content went WAY beyond anything I expected. You don’t just learn about free-flight, the skills taught covers training that can be applied to general parrot care and keeping. The content was also evenly spread and the learning steps were well thought out making it much easier to understand.”

I truly loved this course, it wont be the typical training. (ex: how do I get my dog to sit. Instructor shows you and you repeat) This course teaches you the “why” a behavior is. So you can train any trick you like, fully understanding the core elements in why the animal acts the way it does.”

“He made the complexity of some scientific topics lighther and enjoyable. All his real life examples made the difference during the course and his knowledge helped to clear many dark areas within the field.”

“I don’t think anyone could fault Chris’s knowledge of the subject. But Chris also has great eloquence which make him a great teacher.”

“Very experienced instructor, has obviously been doing this for a long long time.”

“Seems very committed to continuously learning and updating the class material.”

“Chris set a stand of excellence. He inspired me to train my birds in a way that I did not that I could. My favorite part of the class was a \”tangent\” him and I went on about the importance of positive reinforcement. It completely rocked and shaped the way I will train my birds forever.”

“Outstanding knowledge of material.”

“Chris really knows what he is talking about and he has a great example or story to explain everything he talks about.”

Chris knew everything and anything. I would ask one of questions that pertained to my bird and he was able to help me. He didn’t just toss science facts at me but relayed everything in terms I could understand.”


Comments on recommending this class to others:

“Absolutely and any given or not given chance I rave about the course.”

“For me it is a must! It opens your mind, clarifying something that you heard or already know, talked to you about real facts and about the real risk without hide anything. Set you up to succeed!!”

“I will definitely reccomend this class. I almost don’t want people flying their birds with me until they’ve taken the class!”

“Anyone wanting to free fly there feathered friends needs to gather all the knowledge available to give them the best chance at success, this course is great for explaining everything you need to know, would highly recommend to anyone interested in this.”

“I highly recommend this class to anyone who is thinking of Free Flight. It is a very informative, and most helpful course to take. His 35 yrs of experience and knowledge is unbelievable, to receive even a portion of what Chris knows is a gift.”

“Yeah of course I would recommend it for people with or without free flight experience there is so many stuff people don’t know about free flight and you can find all of it here.”

“Absolutely! Anyone thinking about free flying should take this class. It isn’t sugar coated, the risks are discussed but knowing how to deal with and minimize the risks makes me feel a lot more comfortable about flying my bird.”

“This class isn’t just for those of us wanting to free fly. It is for anyone who desires to train the parrots effectively, efficiently, and positively. All parrot owners should be taking this class.”

100% would recommend this to anyone, anywhere! Anyone who owns a parrot would benefit, free-flying or not. It’ll help with any level of flying whether that’s your living room or indoors or just wanting to know more about the fundamentals and advanced skills into training parrots. This was an eye-opening, mind blowing course and I can’t recommend it enough.”


Comments on explanations of scientific concepts:

“A class that is a focused collection of topics, expanding wide, across and beyond animal behavior,at times seeming unrelated, are being amplified and explored and magically interweave, encourage you to not only fly your bird safely, successfully and with confidence, but to also share a happy fulfilling life with your companion.”

Every concept explained was relevant to the course and had it’s place. We also discussed the meaning of the concepts themselves and the varying levels of where these concepts are strong and weak.”

There was more scientific material than expected covered in the course but it was also made easy to understand. There was so much covered and it was all made relevant.”

“The scientific concepts were the most challenging part of the course, but they were invaluable and interesting.”

“As hard as the concepts were I got it in the end as I had a brilliant teacher.”

“It is relevant because it is what people need to know. Chris is sitting on a goldmine that the avian community needs to discover ASAP.”

“We didn’t finish a concept until I understood it completely. Great.”

“Chris will make sure he explains the concepts in a way which you will easily understand and he’ll ask you questions to ensure you are interpreting what he is saying correctly to make sure you fully understand what he is saying.”

Comments on scientific content, supplemental material, & overall content:

“There is A LOT of Science in this class. Which makes is SO very interesting but also validates what we are learning (when we are not debating)! It’s been many years  since college and digging again into psychology was awesome!
Which animal training course would ever had Statistics and Computer programming references? – only Chris :)”

“A class that is a focused collection of topics, expanding wide, across and beyond animal behavior,at times seeming unrelated, are being amplified and explored and magically interweave, encourage you to not only fly your bird safely, successfully and with confidence, but to also share a happy fulfilling life with your companion.”

“The supplemental material is extensive and will be very useful to revise from in the future.”

“All the content was either scientific or personal experience (with scientific backup).”

“I had learned a lot of valuable information in this class and Chris is very willing to share his knowledge with me and even though sometimes i had problem understanding he will explained to me very clearly and slowly to make sure i got it.”

“Makes it easier to understand the behavior of the bird and why this method of training is effective.”

“This is a must for anyone wanting to fly their birds, and be fully prepared.”

“The attention to detail, language, and information presented was nothing less than astounding. I expected a lot, and it exceeded my expectations.”

“The science of parrot behavior is what intrigues me most. I was overly satisfied and appreciated the amount of science that proved and backed up the information.”

“The class if very informative and filled with very useful information. At first I was overwhelmed with the amount of information, however Chris made it easy to understand in the Skype classes.”

Learning vs cost, availability of Instructor, & scheduling flexibility:

This class is incredibly good value vs. cost. Comparing to other resources out there I wish I had started with this course from the beginning than wasting money on worthless content. And all the recommended material supporting the classes was worth its weight in gold to improving my knowledge of parrot training. Ive watched hundreds of youtube videos  and read a few books / magazines etc but none of it compares to this course. even if you’re not free-flying you’ll learn a lot!”

“A great deal of work has gone into producing this course. If Chris had charged 2 or 3 time as much, I still think it would have been worth it.”

“Excellent. Always has time for you. He has the Patience of a Saint ! Very nice man.”

“Considering the time difference, remarkably available.”

“We did a class at 6am. Can’t get more flexible than that.”

“This could be a $1,200 course easily.”

Testimonials For Liberty Wings’ Flight Training Classes

Ray Varella

Ray Varella

September 2010 Ray Varella is a member of the Hyacinth Breeders List, and he was sharing with the List one of his experiences he recently had with his B & G, who named Cicil. Just thought you might enjoy reading about it For those of you that are interested or...

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Neena McNulty

Neena McNulty

November 8, 2010 After spending time in Moab with Chris Biro on two different occasions about a year apart, it becomes necessary for me to share with readers on his website about the memorable experiences that have greatly influenced my flight training style. I don’t...

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September 10, 2012 Hello Chris, I'm just writing you to thank you: with your example, my 3 months old cockatiel is easily the happiest parrot in miles around 🙂 I let Ollie in his cage outside in this late summer nights and morning, and I began to play go and come...

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Testimonials For The Pirate’s Parrot Show

September 2004 Show

September 2004 Show

September 28, 2004 Forwarded to Chris Biro from Curry Roberts (Board Member Virginia State Fair) From: Sue Mullins (Entertainment Director who hired Chris Biro and The Pirate's Parrot Show)I am getting a lot of positive feedback on the Pirate's Parrot Show, all in the...

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July 2008 Show

July 2008 Show

July 2008 Hello Chris and friends, I saw your show at the Lincoln County Fair (July 2008) in Newport, Oregon and couldn't help but be thoroughly impressed.  I actually embarrassed myself by coming on stage but thankfully recovered by answering your question about what...

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August 2011 Show

August 2011 Show

August 19, 2011 Just wanted to say how much my family and I enjoyed your show yesterday. I hope to see you again somewhere. You have a great gift,awesome it being used. Hugs,Anita August 17, 2011 We really enjoyed your show at the CCF, really loved the little ones...

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Testimonials For Liberty Wings Bird Club Presentations

Jeffery McDougald

Jeffery McDougald

January 10, 2011 Hello Chris, My name is Jeffery McDougald and I am with the WAES group that you met with this past Sat. night in Salt Lake City. I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome display and information you gave our group. I have wanted to fly my birds...

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The Pirate's Parrot Show

An educationally based pirate-themed parrot show performing at state and county fairs since 1991. The Pirate’s Parrot Show is a Fun, Educational, and Interactive experience for all ages and cultures.

Bird Recovery International

One in every eight bird species in the world today is in danger of extinction and these numbers are increasing! Find out how this non-profit organization started by Chris Biro can help save and protect parrots and other birds. 

Podcasts with Chris Biro

An Alternate Perspective – Enjoy these audio Podcasts of Chris with guests discussing the nature of training flighted birds. The discussions are intended to be loosely structured around a general topic. 

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