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An Alternate Perspective

Audio Podcasts with Guests discussing the nature of training flighted birds.

The discussions here are intended to be loosely structured around a general topic. Like an interesting conversation so often does, these meander and wander as the discussion moves the speakers.

The listener is encouraged to send us questions or comments to be addressed in future podcasts.

Listen to these audio programs on your computer, IPod or other MP3 player. Use the links below to listen now or download the podcast to enjoy later. Contact us with any questions or comments about these podcasts.

Master falconer and Biologist Steve Layman and Chris Biro discuss flying raptors and flying parrots and the similarities in training predator and prey. Run time 1 hr 13 min.

Master falconer and Biologist Steve Layman & Chris Biro discuss issues related to getting started flying raptors and parrots. Run time 1 hr 3 min

Author and Bird Fancier Dorothy Schwarz and Chris Biro discuss Dot’s October 2008 visit to Moab, Utah. Run time 32 min.

Episode 3

by Dorothy Schwarz and Chris Biro | Podcast

Freeflight trainer Janet Jeanpierre and Chris Biro discuss Janet’s October 2008 visit to Moab, Utah. Run time 45 min.

Author and bird breeder Steve Hartman and Chris Biro discuss raising baby parrots to maximize adult parrot potential. Introduces Steve’s background and approach to raising parrots. Part 1 of 3. Run time 51 min.

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