Jeffery McDougald

January 10, 2011

Hello Chris,

My name is Jeffery McDougald and I am with the WAES group that you met with this past Sat. night in Salt Lake City. I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome display and information you gave our group. I have wanted to fly my birds for some time now and I see now that it is a real possibility. You also helped open the eyes of my girlfriend to see that it isn’t the huge no no that she was raised to hear. I can not think of anything that I would rather do than spend my time working with birds in some way and it is great to see someone living a dream that I have. It it inspiration for me to follow my dreams and hopefully someday be able to support a family and feathered family through educating others about my passion. I hope to see you again and I will have to make a trip out to Moab to see you and your birds flying free.

Sincerely, Jeffery McDougald


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