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Educational Video Links

Interview with Chris Biro, Part 1
Interview with Chris Biro about why flight is important to parrots. 1 of 5 interviews.

Interview with Chris Biro, Part 2
Interview with Chris Biro about who should train flight. 2 of 5 interviews.

Interview with Chris Biro, Part 3
Interview with Chris Biro about what is involved with training parrots to fly outdoors. 3 of 5 interviews.

Interview with Chris Biro, Part 4
Interview with Chris Biro about what species of parrot to fly outdoors. 4 of 5 interviews.

Interview with Chris Biro, Part 5
Interview with Chris Biro about losing parrots. 5 of 5 interviews.

Sport Flying Video Links


Do not try this with your bird unless you both are properly trained.

Hiking With 7 Macaw Parrots
7 flight trained macaws go for a hike up a small canyon in Moab, Utah.

Wings To The Wind On a breezy day our macaws fly at Fisher Overlook near Moab Utah.

Scot & Sheryl’s Vacation with Flying Parrots in Moab Scot and Sheryl join us in Moab, Utah to fly our macaws with us.

Flock Flying Macaws and Sun Conures Some of our Macaws and Sun Conures are shown flying as a flock and hanging out in Moab Utah.

Revisiting Fisher Towers we bring the Calico Macaw parrots and others back to Fisher Towers one year later for another fly in October 2007. Snicket (Sun Conure) and Siren (Calico) also make first flight in such environments.

Buckle, A Baby Shamrock Macaw Watch our Shamrock Macaw “Buckle” grow from tiny baby to flying outdoors. Video and Photos

Sun Conure First Day Flying Outdoors 11 Week old sun conure “Snicket” makes first outdoor flights.

Flying Blue Throat Macaw at the Park Two Blue Throat Macaw parrots flying at the park on Whidbey Island, WA on the day sun conure Snicket made her 1st outdoor flights.

A Love Story This is the best of our videos to show the amazing locations we fly our parrots at in Moab, Utah.

The Dollar Bill Trick The Sun Conures of The Pirate’s Parrot Show performing their dollar bill trick prior to a show at the Washington County Fair in Hillsboro Oregon in August 2007.

Sun Conure Trouble With The Dollar Bill Trick We catch on video some fun bird behavior bloopers at a fair in Hillsboro, Oregon. Scarlet Macaw Ariel steals a piece of candy and Sun Conure Snicket has some trouble doing the Dollar Bill Trick.

Sun Conure Second Day Flying Outdoors One week after her 1st outdoor flights, Sun Conure parrot Snicket does her second day free flying outdoors. She surprised us by flying with the Blue Throat Macaws.

6 Macaws Flying  Six macaw parrots flying at the same time overlooking Castle Valley near Moab Utah.

Calico Macaws Flying Fisher Towers Two Calico Macaw parrots flying at Fisher Towers, Moab Utah October 2006.