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Bird Recovery International

Helping Save Endangered Bird Species

One in every eight bird species in the world today is in danger of extinction. And unfortunately, the number of bird species in danger of extinction is increasing as the world’s human population expands, we use more natural resources, we pollute or degrade the environment, and we put other priorities ahead of environmental and wildlife conservation.

Liberty Wings’ founder, Chris Biro, created a non-profit organization – Bird Recovery International (BRI) – to further his lifelong commitment to help save and protect parrots and other birds. BRI programs include specific endangered bird species projects, research, habitat conservation and public education.

BRI focuses on efforts to stabilize endangered bird species population. All too often, endangered bird species are identified and studied, but inadequate actions are implemented to increase existing populations, with the results that species are lost forever.

BRI believes that efforts to stabilize endangered bird species above critical population thresholds “buys” critical time, allowing for longer-term protection strategies, such as habitat conservation, to be developed and implemented. BRI’s goal is to use what we have learned from freeflying our parrots in Moab to help create a protocol to introduce captive raised endangered birds into the wild where they no longer exist.

To learn more about BRI programs, and how you can support BRI efforts please visit –

Bird Recovery International