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Free-Flight Training Courses

Course I - 2 Day Flight Training Class This class is the “ground school” of pet parrot flight training. It is a PowerPoint-based class covering indoor flight skill development, training outdoor flight, how to fly using location levels 1-5, general training theory & concepts, understanding how parrot development stages relate to flight and why flight is important to pet parrots and aviculture. Each class day we will do flight demos with our birds at the locations discussed during the class. This 2 day class can be taken at any time to gain the basic concepts. It can even be taken prior to getting your bird. Once you have your bird, then you can do the 5 day personal training that follows the 2 day class. If you time it right, you can do both consecutively. Or do one, then come back for the other. We are happy to add class dates to the calendar to help you meet these goals. We are also interested in partnering with people willing to host flight training class/seminars in their city or country. Call or email us for more details.

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Course II - Personal Flight Training With Your Bird

5 days of actual flying with a personal flight trainer. If you feel you need the personal help of an experienced flight instructor, this course is for you! This class is intended as the hands-on portion of the flight instruction offered in Course I. May also be scheduled for us to come to your home.

During the 5 day course it is our goal to advance your birds skills as much as possible including advancing basic flight skills needed to fly at higher level locations than starting at and flying as part of a flock. If you have two birds to work with at the same time, that can help them start flock flying a bit quicker. Please limit the number of birds you will bring to not more than two. "In a perfect world the student would take the [5 day] class when they are ready to venture outdoors with their bird, a bird that has spent some time being outside and has great recall." Ray Varella, previous student of the class, flying a Blue & Gold Macaw.

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