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  • Skype Based Individual Flight Training Classes Or Consultations

DSC_5792This is an on-line class taught via Skype. The Free Flight Training Course is $500.

The class includes Power Point based instruction and video taught via private Skype sessions with Chris Biro.  This fun and informative class is taught via six 3 hour class sessions which are scheduled based on your availability and the pace you wish to work. Many students do one class session per week, others get through the class material within a couple weeks. Students also have access to training material and videos not available on the website.

Chris is not an internet marketer claiming to be an animal trainer tricking people into believing he is an expert. Chris IS an animal training expert, commonly recognized as one of the best in the world. Chris has made his living training parrots and doing parrot shows since 1993. Chris has applied his engineering background and 25+ years entertainer background to create a fun science based learning experience that leaves the students with a thorough understanding of behavior theory and fully capable of training their birds to fly outdoors. No other available course offers this level of knowledge, combining concepts from a variety of modern science fields with Chris’ years of freeflying experience, including loads of examples to make the science understandable and applicable. We will go into issues beyond Operant Conditioning (created in the 1940s) to include concepts learned from Ethology and neuroscience, guaranteeing you the most up to date understanding of animal behavior and management available. You will learn to train your parrot to fly without the need of a harness and leash (that could become entangled in a tree) and without needing to starving your bird to lose weight, our birds don’t lose weight during training. You will learn how to structure the training process for maximized success and safety to result in a flight trained parrot that is friendly and social and a skilled athlete of the sky. You will learn about why and how to select an appropriate bird for the style of flying you are interested in, how to train Rally Point Fidelity and to prepare your bird to deal with the threat of hawks. Covered are how to encourage and train adult birds to fly indoors, how to progress to outdoor flight and how to expand outdoor flying to include safely flying in virtually any environment via Chris’ five levels system. Classes cover general training theory, applied operant conditioning, classical conditioning, ethology and the theory behind Chris Biro’s flight training approach and practices.

To Register for a Free-Flight Class you will need to:

  1. Fill out the Registration Form below
  2. Payment for your class ($500 for full class)
  3. Come to your class with a Veterinarian’s Letter of Health (not needed for Skype class)

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Veterinarian’s Letter:

At this time we are not offering in person classes so no veterinarian letter is required for our classes. Should we again offer in person classes, the participants bringing their own parrot are required to bring a letter from their vet stating the vet believes their bird is adequately healthy to participate in this program. Your vet is the health expert for your bird and will determine what tests, if any, are necessary to make his determination.

Additional Class Details:

Flight Training Courses will be held via Skype. Chris Biro will be the instructor. Once registered it is up to you to contact the instructor to schedule class times.

For more information or specific questions please contact Chris Biro