Winging It Adventure Safaris

Personal Adventures with Friendly Flight Trained Parrots

Flying Safaris

Flight Levels Jeep Safari: (7-8 hours) $250 per person or $349 per couple Visit in sequence the locations we use to train our birds to fly at these advanced locations. We will walk and talk you through Levels 1 through 5. This is a great way to learn about this part of our training process. See images of some of these areas on our photo page. Grab Bag Jeep Safari: (7-8 hours) $250 per person or $349 per couple As many great locations as we can fly in one full day. For this tour we spend less time at each location but visit more locations. If you want to see the birds do some fun flying in spectacular locations, this is the tour. Day Hiking Package: $199 per person Hike amazing trails with spectacular views of the Moab area scenery accompanied by a flock of our friendly macaws. Social interaction with the birds along the trail and at the destination make this a unique way to experience these locations and the birds.

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