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From A Recent Conversation About Flying Parrots

DSC_5792No place we keep parrots is 100% safe. Actually it seems that accidents in the aviary were more dangerous than flying freely. But it was mainly the things we were not expecting that caused us the most problems flying outdoors or in the aviary. The things we did expect were not the problems we expected them to be. These are not nearly the easily answered questions people think they are. In fact, people who have little or no experience flying parrots have all kinds of fears that are not justified. No one can blame them, that… Continue reading | 1 Comment

Parrot Chronicles Article

This article contains a discussion of the pros and cons of training freeflight for parrots. Continue reading

Hawk Identification

This article contains sources of information for identifying hawks. Continue reading

Click & Treat

This article contains discussion of how to keep a clicker a powerful tool. Also discussed are primary and secondary reinforcers. Continue reading

Selecting The Species To Fly

This article contains information and a discussion related to selecting parrot species for free-flight. Continue reading | 70 Comments

Clicker Training

This article contains a discussion of how to use a clicker properly. Continue reading | 2 Comments

Positive or Negative Reinforcement

This article contains a discussion of how to correctly identifying each of the four quadrants of Operant Conditioning. Continue reading | 1 Comment

AFA convention “Importance of Flight and the Freeflying Lifestyle”

Chris Biro’s Presentation at the 2009 AFA convention “Importance of Flight and the Freeflying Lifestyle” is now available on DVD from the AFA. To order your copy go to AFA and scroll down the page to # 16. Continue reading